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Our Concept.

Our typical customer is a researcher/research-owner who wants to go to market and needs help in technical product development. We are a group of researchers-turned-entrepreneurs capable of reaching a level of communication with fellow researchers that can help them ramp up the transformative process from thinking like  scientists to thinking like entrepreneurs. 

We do that by working closely with the idea initiators to develop their product. In that journey we continuously sharpen their focus on the business goals and customer needs, thereby leading them to the shortest path to market ready products/services.


How is that different from a startup incubation?

We aim to fill a gap in the startup development ecosystem. We complement rather than compete with startup incubators.

Our services could be regarded as one of the services that incubators can offer to their startups in addition to the traditional ones like business planning, network development, seeking finance, team development etc.

How is that different from outsourcing development services?

We are not the typical software services firm, of course, we develop software products and operate IT services, but more importantly, read and implement research papers, we can go through rough code and come up with better optimisations or realisations, we develop patents, and we usually work  with unclear requirements that we help to shape up to maintain business focus at all times.

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Even the most technically-avid researcher needs production know-how when it comes to commercialising research

Sample Startup & Corporate Clients


IOT in Sports

Racefox is a sports analytics company with patent-pending  technology for motion analysis. We helped Racefox with the backend scalability using an elastic cloud infrastructure. We also worked with them on optimising their analysis engine in terms of performance and accuracy as well as putting it into a maintainable form to cope with their ever growing need to experiment with new motion analysis features. Racefox products are currently used by a wide range of users from olympic stars to amateurs.

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Scalable-Learning is a that enables project enables the adoption of the flipped classroom model where all lecturing is done using videos with embedded review quizzes. The classroom time is, thus, freed for reviews and interaction. Scalable-learning is currently used by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students in high schools and universities across Europe

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HR Analytics

Prindit is a start-up coming from research in  efficiency of business proesses. The project aims at periodically measuring different KPIs such  as employees work load, motivation level, stress level etc. across different projects, business units and departments over time. Smart recommendations are triggered and sent to employees when needed and analytics are presented to management in different seniority levels. 


BigData Streaming

A European Telco research department needed to evaluate  the latest  BigData streaming technologies for high throughput data loads. We provided a complete analysis of all modern tools outlining tradeoffs, requirements and contrast to a custom solution. 


We do not have employees on board!!  

We only have bright engineers who are coming to work to think about new problems, solve puzzles and want to see their code being used. 

We do not hire people who know a certain programming language or a particular technology, we do cherry-pick well-founded computer scientists and IT professionals who can keep up with the demanding pace of constant learning and productivity needed to serve our startups

We are hiring !! 

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